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Beyond Calculus

Beyond Calculus is an online video-based textbook that provides support to students taking AP Calculus AB. Are you sitting at home wracking your brains over your homework, and need help? Try watching the videos in whatever section you are stumped. Is your math class going too fast? The instructional videos on this site may just provide the understanding you need to excel. Cramming for the AP exam or a final? Why not review by going through this e-book? You will find instructional videos here rather than academic text.


Educational Research

Master's Thesis

Although the media is showering praise on the “flipped classroom” model, there is minimal research of its effectiveness on student learning. In a flipped classroom, students receive instruction at home, and the classroom is used for the development of skills and practice. In fall of 2012, I taught two Advanced Placement Calculus classes to test the efficacy of the flipped classroom; I taught one by the traditional method and the other using the flipped classroom model. In the flipped class model, students received instruction at home from videos on the website, and in class, worked in small learning communities to problem-solve. Although the two classes began with the same knowledge of pre-calculus, by the end of differential calculus, the experimental class scored dramatically higher on past AP exams, and was able to reason at a demonstrably higher level. Students reported that the flipped classroom individualized learning, provided more support than traditional classes, and emphasized content and understanding. Used effectively, the flipped classroom model has the potential to revolutionize the method in which students learn.


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